São João Restaurante

Viana do Castelo
Description / Facilities

Meet the St. John Restaurant with the best view over the Lima River, indulge in our specialties and unique flavors, like the most varied dishes of cod, the Earth and Sea and the Pizzas, which not resist experimenting.    We provide all our service out.    We provide all types of events! (Christenings, Communions, Birthday Parties, etc ...)    Make your reservation.    You can prepare something special (with a menu to your taste or whatever your imagination creates).    Full menus from 12 € (Starters, Plate, Beverage, Dessert and Coffee)    Reservations: 258 773 142 | 925 477 073 | email saojoaorestaurante@gmail.com    Schedule: Monday to Sunday, from 10h to 23h    Closing Week:Tuesday    We excel by Difference!    Subportela has an area that covers about 525 hectares and has its limits with Deocriste the East, the West Vila Franca, Village Punhe, Mujães Portela Suza and the South and the North River Lima. About 9 km apart Subportela city of Viana do Castelo, distance is lessened by the quick access by A28 or EN13 (Viana do Castelo or Port), allowing in less than ten minutes to reach the city to the restaurant.    Possessing both beautiful panoramic views from Mount Saint John New to the Hill Roques, Subportela presents optimal conditions of life, whether in higher areas, where the view delights, or coastal areas, where the river beach of Mos stands, composing in general a rather enjoyable.
Address: Lugar da Lomba, Monte de S. João, 4905-632 Subportela
E-mail: saojoaorestaurante@gmail.com
Phone: 258773142/925

03 Feb 2023 to 04 Feb 2024

17 Feb 2023 to 18 Feb 2024

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