Taberna do Simões

Description / Facilities
Traditional tavern quite known, in particular, for its specialties: grilled Cutlets, grilled sausage and the famous Alheira (Portuguese sausage made with pork, veal, chicken, quail, rabbit and bread).
Address: Rua da Estrada, 4750-786 Vila Boa, Barcelos, Portugal
Phone: 253812367

24 Feb to 30 Nov 2022

13 Jul 2022


The history of S. Pedro de Rates goes back to antiquity, but its golden age was certainly the Middle Ages when it was a major factor in the economic and...

Door of the House of Pedregais

This door of the House of Pedregais might be from the 19th century, with strong neoclassical trends, although it has a shield from D. João V. This house...
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