Taverna da Vaca das Cordas

Ponte de Lima
Description / Facilities
Historic tavern located on the main street parallel to the Largo de Camões, with decor inspired the in the tradition of the Vaca das Cordas (running-bull) and exhibition of old photographs of that festival. Excellent food and service. Closed on sundays.
Address: Rua Beato Francisco Pacheco n.º 39-41,– 4990-075 Ponte de Lima
E-mail: tavernavacadascordas@hotmail.com
Phone: +351258741167

18 Oct 2019

30 Oct 2019

Taverna da Vaca das Cordas

Taverna of Vaca das Cordas promotes the tradition and offers a great service and typical food.

Favas Contadas

A great place to have fun with your friends, just near of Largo de Camões. Young people and nice music.
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