The Confectionery in Vila Real

Vila Real
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As a “Transmontana” city, Vila Real deals in the flavours and in the colourful of its tables, and as such, also in the field of traditional sweets do justice to the title of "capital" which proudly exhibit. The Candy legacy that has, makes the joy of many, and with a history that often mix the sacred (the convent) and the profane, the traditional sweets of Vila Real "paints" the tables as if  they were true pictures of aromas and flavours .

Address: Vila Real

05 Jan to 28 Dec 2023

05 Jan to 28 Dec 2023

Christmas Exhibition

The year 2013 gave way to an event that aims at continuing over time in the lives of the Vila Real people and those who visit the city during Christmas:...

House of Diogo Cão

The construction of this House is believed to date to the 15th century, where according to conveyed tradition, Diogo Cão was born, the famous Navigator...
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