Typical Restaurant Retiro da Cabreira

Vieira do Minho
Description / Facilities
The name Retiro da Cabreira is due to its excellent  location next to the Serra da Cabreira.

It is frequently visited by many tourists. In a place with rustic decoration,  the walls are in granite, the tables and benches in wood among other elements reminding  the countryside. The kitchen is, of course, regional, and tasty, featuring as specialty the “Posta à Vieira” (piece of meat), mountain lamb and the lamb prepared in red wine and roasted in the oven.

his place was created and developed thinking in an objective work, that offer what is the  best in  our region, taking in consideration our culture and customs.

Address: Rua do Imigrante, 102 - Pinheiro
E-mail: retirodacabreira@gmail.com
Phone: 932905447

02 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2024

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