28 to 30 Jun 2019

11 May to 29 Jun 2019

Pleasant space with a service marked by the rigour, class and  products of quality. Absorving...
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O Casarão

O Casarão

"The Municipality of Penafiel has ancestral references in the product Gastronomy and Wines.The...
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Silvas Palacete or Casas Altas

Situated in Lordelo, the Silvas Palacete or Casas Altas are two excellent house-tower of the early XX century representing the "Brasileiro Torna Viagem"...

Quinta da Magantinha (Magantinha Farm)

Inserted in the Gourmet Route, the Quinta de Magantinha (Magantinha Farm) is located in the town of Lousada (S. Miguel) and it has recently been restored by...
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