25 Jul 2019

19 and 20 Jul 2019

Restaurante São Domingos

The São Domingos Restaurant is located in the town of Fontelo, in the heart of Ribeiro de...
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Pizzaria Girassol

Pizzaria Girassol

Restaurant Pizzaria GirassolSpecialities : regional dishes, "francesinhas", "pizzaria",...
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Chapel of Santa Ana - Vacalar

There is a curious legend associated with the cult of Santa Ana: It is said that the July 26, 1727, day of Santa Ana, the village people was amazed to have...

Ruins of the village of Pai Calvo - Marmelal

South of Marmelal there are some ruins of schist houses, dwelling houses and mills: Father Calvo ruins. Here have formerly existed a farm (Pai Calvo Farm),...
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