Vieira do Minho

24 Mar to 07 Dec 2019

11 to 14 Oct 2019
Restaurant  Adelaide

Restaurant Adelaide

The Restaurant Adelaide is located in Cardeirinhas and is open about 15 years ago. With Capacity...
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Restaurant Abadia

Restaurant Abadia

The restaurant Abadia is located next to the Nossa Senhora da Abadia Sanctuary, offering a menu...
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Castro de Vieira do Minho

The researches and excavations of Minho University demonstrated that this site was inhabited by man since the Iron Age and has been romanised. The castro's...

Parque Cerdeira

Parque Cerdeira - Turismo da Natureza25 years - Memories with lifeAccommodation: Camping, Caravaning, lodgment in Bungalows and Collective rooms. 17...
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