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RNAL Registo Nº 46925/AL

Entering the gates of the Quinta and crossing the traditional stone pavement, we find out its charms along the water flow which leads the water unto three watermills beside the Rural House’s foundations:
A secular chestnut tree whose shadow blesses the panoramic terrace, which rises from the living green of the meadow, the same meadow that extends itself unto a local river known as Fervença.
Two carefully restored corn cribs – outdoor museums that recover and reminisce the memory of a past and a tradition;
An old pen gave way to the Restaurante do Caminho, which welcomes ‘flavors-from-another-time’ lovers through the creative and dynamic vision of a young Chef whose course is reflected in the always revisited flavors;
The main house became the shelter for our guests: 10 rooms meticulously rearranged, respecting the memories of a family and work place, and 1 dormitory with warm wood tones and all the comfort for walkers who daily step on the Camino de Santiago.
Address: Caminho de Santiago, nº 2417 Pedreira 4930-107 Cerdal
Phone: +351 926 002 045

17 Dec 2023 to 15 Dec 2024
Pizzaria Romântica Restaurant

Pizzaria Romântica Restaurant

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