Trail Run

Trail Run

20 Mar 2022
A time trial run for teams of 3 elements passing through trails that connect 3 sanctuaries in...

01 Nov 2021 to 20 Jan 2022
Quinta das Fontainhas

Quinta das Fontainhas

In Quinta das Fontainhas visitors can start a fantastic tour by the delicate flavours of Vinho...
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Ponte de Rodas (Arches Bridge)

The ?Ponte de Rodas? (Arches Bridge) above a serene stretch of the River Homem, joins the municipalities of Amares on the right bank, and Vila Verde on the...

Pedestrian Route of Caldelas (PR1)

(PR1 - SHORT ROUTE PATH 1)The Thermal Trail is a short route path. It has a length of 14.7 km, with an average duration of 5 hours. The maximum altimetry...
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