Absoluto Design Hotel

Viana do Castelo
Description / Facilities

The Absolute Design Hotel is located in an Historical building of Viana do Castelo and combines XIX century granitic decorations visible from the outside; and from the XXI century, represented in all the interior spaces of the Hotel; inside which prevails lilac. A mixture of tradition and modern craft supposed to combine innovation, luxury and simplicity in one unique place. The Hotel has 12 rooms, composed of 4 singles, 4 doubles, 4 suites.Beds, showers and bathtubs have been sculpted by hand. Usually classified by number the bedrooms are here organized by colors. On the top of the entrance door of each bedroom can be found the name of the color engraved to the door; for example the word Magenta which gives a more sensual way to designate the room than the traditional number. The Hotel Bar, with a capacity of approximately 12 people, is mainly white themed with a rather exclusive and intimate atmosphere.

Right next to it, is a small terrace dipped in a more "Zen" atmosphere. All the decorum of interior spaces was influenced by the Metamorphosis of the great Oto Butterfly; A Butterfly which see-through wings and colorful features metaphorically granted it the name of "casulo" (cocoon/Bullet shaped) of Viana do Castelo. You can also see that the butterfly wings are a part of the Hotel logotype design.
Address: Rua da Bandeira 174, 4900-560 Viana do Castelo
Phone: 258404596

03 Jul to 01 Aug 2020

18 to 20 Sep 2020
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