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Reguengo de Melgaço rural hotel invites you for a trip till the XVI century. The “solar” and its chapel are good examples of that period. The restoration and adaptation of the “solar” (manor house) for rural tourism respected the history and architectural characteristics of the building, where the granite, the noble woods, furniture and decoration with all required conveniences and comforts, were harmoniously combined. Surrounded by a nice and well treated Alvarinho vineyard, on the Minho River south bank, involved by the green hills that announce the Peneda-Gerês mountain, the Reguengo de Melgaço will surprise by its authenticity and beauty.
A visit that you will remember for many years, with pleasure! It’s needless to say that Reguengo de Melgaço winery is open for visits, and that you can taste and enjoy there our most appreciated wines.
Address: Peso - Paderne- 4960 - 267 Melgaço
Phone: +351938044051

17 Dec 2023 to 15 Dec 2024
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Rota do Solar (Solar -Manor house route)

General Characteristics:Distance: 4.8 km.Duration: 2h15 minType: small routeDegree of difficulty: low.Departure / Arrival: Centro de Interpretação Ambiental
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