Águas do Gerês - Hotel das Termas& Spa

Terras de Bouro
Description / Facilities
Located right in the heart of the only Portuguese National Park (Peneda-Gerês), the compound ÁGUAS DO GERÊS - HOTEL, TERMAS & SPA brings together essential elements such as the exceptional landscape, the richness of the portuguese culture and gastronomy, the confort of the águas do gerês hotel, the modern spa and the wellknown medical spa, the pleasent cottages, the park "Parque das Termas" and the swimming pools.
This is a truly place to rest, to heal and leisure, in Gerês you can enjoy from a variety of Sensations and Experiences as Beauty and Wellness Packages; Medical Spa Packages; Thematic Packages (Romantic, Birthday, Sensation, Zen, Honeymoon etc.), Walks and Activities in the National Park; Tours in the mountains, by foot, on horse, TT vehicles; Nautic and Adventure Sports, Cultural Tours, Eco Tours and others.
The Nature, the pure air of the mountains and the mineral waters from Gerês, make this destination an ideal place to recover strength, to reload batteries and to restore your balance.
Address: Av. Manuel Francisco da Costa, 125 / 4845-067 Gerês
E-mail: hotel@aguasdogeres.pt
Phone: 351253391113

05 Feb to 30 Dec 2020
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