Boega Hotel

Vila Nova de Cerveira
Description / Facilities

In the Mannor House or Main House

In the Main House is located the reception. In this house we can find the restaurant “O Peregrino”,  with its Stone arches, its tiles and its antique furniture. In this restaurant we can enjoy good food, sharing the ritual of the bells which becom a symbol of this place.This restaurant has a maximum capacity of 65 people seated.

In this house we can also find a meeting room, a billiards room and a living room that can be used for entertainment.
Address: Quinta do Outeiral - Gondarém
Phone: 251700500

08 Jun to 27 Sep 2019

04 Jun to 31 Jul 2019
Amândio Restaurante

Amândio Restaurante

It is right here where the mossy stones speak of our history that was born our passion for wine...
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Boega - O Peregrino

Boega - O Peregrino

The restaurant "O Peregrino" is renowned for its quality cuisine and typical Portuguese...
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Palace of Outeiral

In the place of Couto, here is the site where the Palace of Outeiral, later called "Quinta dos Almeida braga", before being transformed into Boega Cerveira...

Travessia da Ribeira Minho (Ribeira Minho Crossing)

The Ribeira Minho Crossing is a grand route (GR) path with two branches that go in both directions according to FERP/ERA rules.The path signs are in red and...
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