Casa Capitão-Mor

Vieira do Minho

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2019
Festival Aldeia de Lobos

Festival Aldeia de Lobos

29 May to 30 Jun 2019
Festival Aldeia de Lobos is a community artistic Festival in Fafião, Aldeia de Lobos, on 28 and...
Restaurant O Gerôs

Restaurant O Gerôs

The Restaurant O Gerôs Restaurant is located  in Salamonde next to the EN 103 that links Braga...
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Restaurant  Arijal

Restaurant Arijal

The  Restaurant Arijal is located at the entrance of Vieira do Minho. With a capacity of 280...
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Fojo do Lobo de Fafião

It is a granite structure of converging walls, and a cavity of circular plan. It´s structural particularity is the absence of jutted stones at the top of...

Cabreira Mountain

According to the local legend of Cabreira Mountain, there was a young and beautiful shepherdess, who used to tend her flock in this mountain. One day, she...
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