Ponte da Barca
Description / Facilities
Casa das Afonsas is a tourist resort inserted in the rural world. Located in Ponte da Barca, it combines the old with the modern in a perfect harmony for a well-deserved rest.

This house is close to the Quartz Crystal Museum, Sanctuary Senhora da Paz and the Peneda Gerês National Park.
Address: Rua do Barral, Vila Chã. 4980-741 Ponte da Barca
Phone: +351 936 366 809

27 May to 31 Oct 2022

13 Aug 2022
O Victor

O Victor

The restaurant "Victor" is famous for its grilled codfish and potatoes. This restaurant has been...
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Restaurante Central

Restaurante Central

The Restaurant Central, is located in the village of Vieira do Minho and differs from the others...
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Ruins of Castle da Nóbrega

Following the Municipal Road from Ponte da Barca-Sampriz to Ventuselo, and then by a dirt road, we will find the ruins of Castle da Nóbrega. The visibility...

Termas de Caldelas (Thermal/Spa of Caldelas)

The thermal town of Caldelas is considered one of the most prestigious spa/thermal baths in Portugal.Emerged at the end of the first quarter of the 20th...
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