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The House of Sezim joined the family of the current owners in 1376, by donation, as this year parchment exists in the House, Maria Mendes Serrazinha did Afonso Martins - descendant of D. John Freitas companion of the King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques - note, this document reads, "the good works that he has received and expects to receive and belief that you did." Open all year round to tourists, the house offers them the choice of 8 rooms and 2 suites, spacious and comfortable, and provides them with the use of two halls, one exclusively for them and the other prepared for conferences, colloquia and exhibitions. Tourists can still use the pool as well as the mountains that surround them to roam on foot, or to hunt them in the wintertime.
Address: Casa de Sezim Apartado 2210 - 4811 - 909 Guimarães
Phone: 253 523 000

05 Nov 2022

10 to 19 Nov 2022
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