Casa de Telhe

Marco de Canaveses
Description / Facilities

The House of Telhe, its historical, geographical and asset value attracted several generations and noble families for centuries of history. It is, historically, the richest houses of Soalhães parish.

It has 5 accommodation units and up to 10 people.
Address: Rua de Pomarelhos
Phone: 919383232

31 May to 02 Jun 2019
Between May 31st, June 1st and 2nd, the Marco de Canaveses Town Hall will organize the FLIM -...
MIMO Festival - Amarante

MIMO Festival - Amarante

26 to 28 Jul 2019
Call the friend, share with the grandmother, call the crush and point the agenda: July 26 to 28...
Restaurant Sabores do Bestança

Restaurant Sabores do Bestança

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Pena Restaurant

Pena Restaurant

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Amarante Golf Course

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