Casa do Nato

Viana do Castelo
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Nato , otherwise called "Bouça do Nato" is a "Minhoto" toponimy already referenced at  the Parish Council of the XVIth  century.The "Casa do Nato", a small wealthy farming house, between 2003-2004, was the target of small profounds renovating work (updated to modern life). Therefore, our biggest preocupation was creating interior and exteriors spaces, whenever providing the most possible wellness to visitors. The "Casa do Nato" is located nearby "Carreço" 2.8 miles from Viana do Castelo , next to the Atlantic coast E.N.13. 8 miles from there we've got the animated and nocturnal city of Caminha in "Foz do Rio Minho", with a kind of ferry boat providing transport from Portugal to Spain.
Address: Rua do Moreno, 130, 4900-278 CARREÇO
Phone: 258834041

17 Dec 2023 to 15 Dec 2024

03 Feb 2023 to 04 Feb 2024
" Solar do Pescado" Restaurant

" Solar do Pescado" Restaurant

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