Casa do Pinheiro

Ponte de Lima
Description / Facilities

Casa do Pinheiro is located in the center of Ponte de Lima, a few meters from the historic town center. This property is ideal for those who want to be close to the leisure offers of Ponte de Lima and at same time to many areas of beauty of the Minho region, with its colorful traditions and its immense and green landscapes. The Casa do Pinheiro was built in the late eighteenth century and has undergone several changes over the years, although it always kept the same style and the main features of the architecture typical of the Minho. Nº of bedrooms: 7
Address: Rua General Norton de Matos, 40-50 4990-118 Ponte de Lima
Phone: +351965008575

28 and 29 Mar 2020

28 Feb 2020


Located in the historic centre of the town, it is a rustic house with good service and cuisine...
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