Torre de Moncorvo
Description / Facilities
Desafios da Horta is a Portuguese company, dedicated to the production and marketing of regional products and Local Accommodation.
The houses are a housing complex of traditional transmontana architecture, consisting of two houses, Casa do Mel and Casa da Oliveira with 4 bedrooms, fully equipped with all amenities, providing a high level of comfort and privacy.
This development is in the town of Souto da Velha, a typically transmontana village, located south of the Sabor River.
This privileged location provides an excellent tourist alternative for the practice of activities in permanent contact with nature in its purest state.
Mirandela is 37 km from this property.
Address: Rua da Igreja, n.º 9. 5160-171 Souto da Velha - Torre de Moncorvo
Phone: +351 279 258 300
Restaurante “O Frango”

Restaurante “O Frango”

Specialities: Sirloin in pot; Cod "Nuestros Hermanos"; Chicken in Spit; "à Brás" Chicken.
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Restaurante "Dom Corvo"

Restaurante "Dom Corvo"

Specialties: Loaf in stone; Cod "Dom Corvo"; "Posta House" and "Dom Corvo" Steak.
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