Delfim Douro Hotel

Description / Facilities
Renaming the Quinta do Loureiro, on the left bank of the river Douro, Samodães parish, Lamego municipality, held by the promoter USMendes, Engineering Constructions Ltd has given rise to the Delfim Douro 4-star hotel with 42 rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool abroad and also briefly a spa, using in its design high-quality materials resulting in refinement and luxury.
Address: Quinta do Loureiro – Samodães 5100-758 Lamego
Phone: 254960000

01 Jul to 31 Aug 2020

Feast in honor of Nossa Senhora da Graça

The feast is in honor of Nossa Senhora da Graça, the last Sunday of August in Folgosa. 

Caldas de Moledo Park

This leafy park, a popular location situated on the banks of the Douro, is the home of many ancient plane trees, that invite rest and relaxation, an ideal...
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