Hotel do Templo

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Next to the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus, there is the facade of one of the first neoclassical buildings in Portugal behind which we find a modern hotel, with its 42 rooms, the hotel is integrated perfectly in the surrounding architectural magnificence, in the spirituality of a place of worship and nature.
Historical memory is covered by the provision of a Spa, a place where you can still visit a botanical garden where there were  performed "aromatic" healings  and where the relaxation rituals recommend walks that allow the balance body / spirit.
Address: Bom Jesus do Monte | 4710-455 Braga
Phone: 253603610

30 Sep 2023
On September 30, 2023, come test your limits as an Elite Firefighter that you are, and as such...

01 Jul to 30 Sep 2023
Cozinha da Sé

Cozinha da Sé

Restaurant of regional and international cuisine
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Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte

The whole Bom Jesus sanctuary justifies an exclusive guidebook! A dramatized remake of Golgotha of Jerusalem, here perspective surpasses any detail....

Koryo II Gymnasium

Available modes: Weight training, Cardio-Fitness, Aerobics, Step, Localized, Taekwondo, Street Dance, Modern dance, Kick Boxing, Full Contact, Aikido, Muay...
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