Hotel Mestre de Avis**

Description / Facilities
The Hotel Mestre de Avis is one of the best located hotels in Guimarães. Situated in the historical center, classified by UNESCO "World Cultural Heritage" in 2001, 100 meters from Toural and five minutes from the motorway. Founded in a historic building, formerly owned by Angelina Maria Brandão. Angelina Maria Brandão wrote co-authored with her husband, Raul Brandão, "Little Portugal". The hotel offers you 16 rooms for an unforgettable stay in this very beautiful city. Due to the central location you can enjoy the city both day and night, because it is near major landmarks of the city.
Address: Rua D. João I, 40, S.Paio - 4810-422 Guimarães
Phone: ( 351) 253 422 770

17 May 2019 to 08 Jan 2020

07 to 16 Nov 2019
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