Hotel Termas de Vizela ***

Description / Facilities
One of the oldest tourist enterprises in Vizela, it is situated in front of the Vizela thermal baths building.
Address: R. Dr. Abílio Torres 1236, 4815 Vizela, Portugal
Phone: 253481275


28 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2019
This year will be quite the active one for Permanent Collection space at the José de Guimarães...

20 to 24 Dec 2019
Casa Bolinhol Kibom Vizela

Casa Bolinhol Kibom Vizela

Casa Bolinhol Kibom Vizela, is located  the main street of Vizela, next to the Garden Mnauel...
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Termas de Vizela – Centro Termal Tesal

In Vizela, will be able to admire the Termas de-Vizela, inaugurated in 1892. The resort of rich architecture, the body is formed in the center, connected to...

Vizela Handicrafts Shop

This space is situated in the Interactive Tourism Shop of Vizela, coordinated by the Association of Artisans of Vizela.The place where hand-crafted and...
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