Montanhas Douro - Aldeamento Turistico

São João da Pesqueira
Description / Facilities

It's a Tourist Development in Rural Area in strand Villa, the development is implemented in a property between the Douro valley is characterized by tranquility and an immense landscape.

Address: EM 505 - Paredes da Beira
Phone: 931105779

21 and 22 Sep 2019

22 Sep 2019
Quinta do Panascal

Quinta do Panascal

The Quinta do Panascal, dating from the eighteenth century is the most important of the three...
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Restaurant Ruby Douro

Restaurant Ruby Douro

Cuisine: Typical and Tradicional FoodSpecialites: Roasted loin, traditional codfish, codfish...
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São Paio Belvedere

São Paio Belvedere is the highest belvedere in S. João da Pesqueira. At 910 m high and soaring above the horizon, this belvedere has a small chapel...

Rock art engravings of Penedo das Pombas

The rock art engravings do Cabeço das Pombas, carved on granite rock, are found in the parish of Pinheiros and are an important artistic-religious...
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