Monverde - Wine Experience Hotel - Rural Hotel****

Description / Facilities

The project of the Monverde Hotel was born from the Quinta da Lixa's grapes and vineyards, from our conversations, our inspirations and aspirations. Initially it was meant to be a "big house" for our friends who also appreciate wine. Yet, as time went on, brick by brick, it began to grow, established roots, and became "a serious thing".

Monverde is our face, it is a reflection of what Quinta de Lixa is today and of our passion for wine and for all that nature has to offer. We have a deep passion for wine and everything that revolves around it, for its mysteries, for everything we continuously learn about it, and for that which makes every sip different. Monverde is a chance for us to share our knowledge and our flavours with you, with the world, with each and every one.

We want your stay at Monverde to be truly unforgettable. We want it to involve all your senses, within the vineyard and in the wine, in the grape varieties, and within the overwhelmingly beautiful landscape. 
Please accept our invitation to embark upon this unique expedition. We are sure it will make you want to return again and again.

“Wine brings in its essence, what its mentor carries in his soul".
Address: Lixa, Felgueiras
Phone: +351255143100
Hiking activity 2020

Hiking activity 2020

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2020
Hiking activity 2020Annual activity calendar of the Association of Friends of Rio Ovelha

07 Feb to 30 Mar 2020
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