São João da Pesqueira
Description / Facilities

Located in the village of São João da Pesqueira center you can enjoy all the amenities in atmosphere of refinement and comfort.

Address: Rua S. João nº 18 - 5130-321 S. João da Pesqueira
Phone: 962539523

27 Sep 2019 to 19 Jan 2020

27 Oct 2019
Restaurant o Forno da Devesa

Restaurant o Forno da Devesa

Cuisine: Typical and Tradicional FoodSpecialites: Roasted goat in wood oven, Roasted pig in wood...
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Restaurant  Convívio

Restaurant Convívio

The restaurant is  located in the centre of Carrazeda de Ansiães, in the Marechal Carmona...
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City Hall building

The current City Hall building has a simple rectangular plan and a 4-gable roof; note the cornice boasting the coat of arms, granite frames and an iron...

Former City Hall

Commissioned by Queen Maria I, this two-storey house, with a doorway decorated with a wave-like cornice and arched windows with a triangular lower part,...
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