São João da Pesqueira
Description / Facilities

Located in the village of São João da Pesqueira center you can enjoy all the amenities in atmosphere of refinement and comfort.

Address: Rua S. João nº 18 - 5130-321 S. João da Pesqueira
Phone: 962539523

25 May to 20 Jul 2020

25 May to 10 Aug 2020
Restaurant Cepa Velha

Restaurant Cepa Velha

Type of cuisine: Regional Specialties: Pork spare ribs with rice and beans, chicken on the...
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Restaurant Ruby Douro

Restaurant Ruby Douro

Cuisine: Typical and Tradicional FoodSpecialites: Roasted loin, traditional codfish, codfish...
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Rua dos Gatos

According to the story, the town of S. João da Pesqueira began precisely in Rua dos Gatos, apparently in the times of the Arab occupation. Today, Rua dos...

Former City Hall

Commissioned by Queen Maria I, this two-storey house, with a doorway decorated with a wave-like cornice and arched windows with a triangular lower part,...
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