Quinta da Picoila (Farmhouse)

Description / Facilities

The construction of the main house, which would become the Quinta da Picoila, started in 1691 by a group of priests who had workers to take care of land and of the existing herds.

From generation to generation, at this time, the Quinta da Picoila is now in its fourth generation.

In addition, over the years, other people came here, some of them offsprings from the former employees of the farm.

Currently converted into Agritourism, the farm can provide moments for rest and relaxation, in contact with nature in its purest state.


9 bedrooms with private bathroom

Reading and resting rooms

Work Meetings

Regional cuisine

Swimming pool, garden and bicycles to ride
Address: Estrada Nacional 229 - Granja
E-mail: geral@quintadapicoila.com
Phone: 254508157

08 to 10 Nov 2019

05 to 07 Jul 2019
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Restaurant O Nacional

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