Quinta de Luou

Ponte de Lima
Description / Facilities
Casa de Luou is the main house of Quinta de Luou, is located in the middle of the farm and has panoramic views over the valley and the neighboring hills. It was rebuilt in 2012 and transformed in a tourism house, keeping two independent floors and combining the convenience of modern times with the charm of an 18th century manor house. Nº of bedrooms: 10
Address: Rua de Luou, nº 242, Santa Cruz do Lima, 4990-745 Ponte de Lima
E-mail: reservas@luou.pt
Phone: +351962749457

12 to 27 Oct 2019

05 May to 29 Dec 2019
Restaurante Casa Real

Restaurante Casa Real

Closed: Wednesdays and first two weeks of November Opening Hours: 12h ? 15h / 19h ?...
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Palácio das Trutas - Fishing Park

Accessibility: 1: broad-Camões; 2: April 25 Sidewalk; 3: Dr Ferdinand Magelhães Steet; 4: Agostinho José Taveira Street; 5: Nossa Senhora da Guia Bridge;...
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