Quinta de santo António

Description / Facilities
In 2006, the remodelling of the farm house into an agrotourism facility took into consideration the surrounding landscape and vineyards of the Douro Demarcated Region. Quinta de Santo António received the famous international award 'Best of Wine Tourism 2008' in the accommodation category. 

All its 9 rooms overlook the Douro valley, and guests can experience the world of wine and vineyard, the magnificent Douro River and the schist ledges, built by Man over the centuries.

20 Hectares of vineyard, little nooks in various locations of Thursday, the chapel, the granite mills and wine aging warehouses, allow the guest feel the Douro people and their traditions.

Permanently accompanied by his family and the company's winemaker, guests can discover all the traditional knowledge and techniques in winemaking Port and Douro, which are produced at Quinta as well as have access to a course in viticulture and wine tasting.
Address: Estrada Nacional 222, 5120-011 Adorigo, Tabuaço
E-mail: info@quintasantoantonio.pt
Phone: 254789177

14 to 16 Oct 2022

14 to 16 Oct 2022
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