Quinta do Lobo Branco

Description / Facilities

Quinta do Lobo occupies a green area of 20.000m2 and comprises the Casa da Eira, Mother House, Kitchen, Pool and Zendo. With striking architecture involved in the beauty and wonder of nature you will have access to a personal and unpretentious service, where you can feel at home.
Address: Rua do Outeiro nº 243. 4560-376 Paço de Sousa - Penafiel
E-mail: quintadolobobranco@gmail.com
Phone: +351 932 520 873

24 Sep to 09 Oct 2022

18 Dec 2020 to 31 Dec 2022
Restaurante O Ramadinha

Restaurante O Ramadinha

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D. António Ferreira Gomes

D. António Ferreira Gomes

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Municipal Pavilion of Castelo de Paiva

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Honra de Barbosa (Barbosa Honor)

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