Quinta do Poço

Vieira do Minho

24 Mar to 07 Dec 2019

22 Sep 2019
Restaurante da Pousada de Sta. Maria do Bouro

Restaurante da Pousada de Sta. Maria do Bouro

It is a very popular restaurant in the region. It is located in the Pousada de Santa Maria do...
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Restaurant  Adelaide

Restaurant Adelaide

The Restaurant Adelaide is located in Cardeirinhas and is open about 15 years ago. With Capacity...
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PR11 – Trilho dos Apanha Pedrinhas

The short walking trail "Trilho dos Apanha Pedrinhas" runs along 6 km and starts and finishes at the camping site. Its paths connect the small villages of...

Pedestrian Route of Urjal (PR2)

(PR2 - SHORT ROUTE PATH 2)The Trail of Urjal runs through the rural villages of Urjal and Chã Grande forming a short route path (PR). It has a length of 14...
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