Quinta do Poço

Vieira do Minho

07 Jun 2020

08 and 09 Mar 2020
Restaurant  Adelaide

Restaurant Adelaide

The Restaurant Adelaide is located in Cardeirinhas and is open about 15 years ago. With Capacity...
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Restaurant Bela Vista

Restaurant Bela Vista

The Restaurant Bela Vista is located in the Cerdeirinhas in a exellent place with panoramic...
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Santa Marinha Belvedere

Visitors can enjoy the view over the mountains, and also Guimarães, Póvoa do Lanhoso, Vieira do Minho and Cabeceiras de Basto. Although the landscape is...

Boco Bridge

The Boco Bridge, above the river Cávado, is located in the place of Aldeia, in the parish of Parada de Bouro. It was constructed in 1908 and is the first...
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