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Here you have the Multipurpose Pavilion, with several sport and cultural events and have the City Park to walk, run and enjoy the fresh air and the tranquillity of the waterways. You got very close the Tennis Complex.

In the city centre, 3km far, you have more events in Alameda and nightlife by restaurants and bars. And the Casino. You have a promenade by the Ecovia, with more than 8 km, along the 11 beaches to the protected area of Paramos Lagoon, returning by the Equestrian Centre and Aero Club, Oporto Golf Club and Indoor Karting.

You also have the weekly market on Monday, the Multimedia Centre with Planetarium, the Music Academy, the pools, and excellent conditions for surfing or bodyboarding!

It is certainly an excellent choice for your next vacation!

6 Double rooms with WC, 1 double room with toilet adapted for the disabled, 12 Multiple bedrooms with 4 beds, 1 cot.
Address: Lugar de Sales | 4500-474 Silvalde
Phone: 925665089
VisitMarco - discover Marco de Canaveses

VisitMarco - discover Marco de Canaveses

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