Restaurante Nantilde

Marco de Canaveses
Description / Facilities
Restaurante Nantilde has at its disposal an excellent Restaurant, where in addition to Lunches and Dinners with Relatives and Friends, can organize all type of Events.

parking lot
Serves lunch and dinner
Suitable for groups
Equipped with terrace
Address: Rua Manuel Pereira Soares, n.º 267 Marco de Canaveses
Phone: +351 255 522 507
Used Market

Used Market

25 Jan to 27 Dec 2020
The Used Market is a market that counts on a considerable number of exhibitors of old, used and...
Marco de Canaveses: Earth Jewelry Carmen Miranda

Marco de Canaveses: Earth Jewelry Carmen Miranda

01 Jan 2018 to 31 Dec 2020
We found Marco de Canaveses in Northwest of Portugal, within the Douro Litoral, district of...

Church of Saint Mary of Sobretâmega

Built on the right bank of the river Tâmega, at the entrance of the now missing bridge of Canaveses, the Church of Sobretâmega was founded after 1320 and...

Rota dos Vinhos do Marco

Wine Cellars:01- Casa de Passinhos; 02- Casa de Vila Boa; 03- Casa de Vilacetinho; 04- Escola Profissional de Agricultura; 05- Quinta da Calçada; 06- Quinta...
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