Description / Facilities
SENHORA DONA is a restaurant located in Quinta da Pousadela, a rural tourism to the west of the Serra do Marão.The space to which Lady Dona gives name is an "ode" to all the women who over the years worked and looked after this Fifth.The desserts have recipes from SªDona Migu, the embroidered linens by SªDona Lurdes, the gardens of SªDona Marília.
The need to open the restaurant of the Quinta to the public arises from the desire to make known the best that the Serra do Marão has to offer.The authenticity and primitivism of the Maronesa breed, the flavors and aromas of the herbs of the Mountain.
Our focus is also to get away from the processed, from the industrial, from the plastic.For this we have our vegetable garden, which presents us with the flavors of vegetables, seasonal fruits and vegetables.That's where our inspiration comes from.From the gratitude we feel sitting on the terrace, the old sunny eaves, drinking a glass of White Green Wine and contemplating the surrounding nature.
Address: Rua Central de Ôlo, nº353 4600-690 Ôlo, Amarante
Phone: +351 966 899 922
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