Interpretive Center of the Santo Thyrso Factory

Santo Tirso
The City Hall has in the old Santo Thyrso Factory a space dedicated to history and memory of the textile industry - the Interpretive Center. This space presents us the history of the first textile company in the old town of Santo Tirso, as well as the importance of this industry in the development of the municipality. The permanent exhibition allows to know the main dates of the textile industrialization in the region since the foundation, in 1845, of the Rio Vizela Factory. The organization of a textile factory, the companies that existed in Santo Tirso and the memories linked to work, introduce the visitor on a territory of the textile, its history and representations. But the Interpretive Center also approach the news directions of the Textile and Clothing Industry, the challenges of the present and the various facets of the fashion industry.

Location: Santo Tirso


It is located about 20 Kms away from Porto, Maia, Famalicão, Guimarães and Braga, being served...
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