Agra village

Vieira do Minho

The Agra village is located in the parish of Rossas and near the spring of the Ave River with its waterfalls and limpid lagoons which provide refreshing plunges. Agra village has a natural beauty , its fields and pastures make up the landscape. Between the granite of the houses and walls, all small and steep alleys have plenty of memories and lead to the village center, in front of the Chapel. This village has many tourist attraction such as watermills, roman bridge, shrines, large cross, traditional houses and granaries.

Location: Vieira do Minho
Typical Restaurant  Retiro da Cabreira

Typical Restaurant Retiro da Cabreira

The name Retiro da Cabreira is due to its excellent  location next to the Serra da Cabreira.It...
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Casa Pancada

Casa Pancada

With approximately 30 years of experience the restaurant "Casa Pancada" is located in the parish...
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