Aldeia de Porto Manso (Porto Manso Village)

In the mid 40s of the XX century, the Portuguese writer Alves Redol described the village of Porto Manso in a book, as: “It is also within sight of the Douro and mated with orange trees and other fruit trees. Dripping from a mountain where the pinetrees are roaring in the summit… In the distance, the village seems a beautiful crib”.

The village is no longer the same after so many years.It grew and developed, due to the extraordinary landscape of the Pala dam and river Ovil. The ancient Roman roads, which remained active until a few decades ago, were replaced by new roads, and the vegetation, once abundant, became rarer. But the houses, the narrow streets and, of course, the character of the people still retains the same, making it an irresistible and charmimg place so characteristic of the Douro region.

If you are a water sports fan, there you will find there the ideal conditions for its practice. There, the river Douro calmly runs and the Pala pier is a sheltered spot of easy berthing for vessels – the name Porto Manso means Calm Pier.

In the village and in the vicinity, there are several places of interest, but the visit is not complete without trying the the tastes of the region. Visitors can be delighted with the river fish or with the roasted lamb with baked rice. The miniatures of the Rabelo boat, made by the local craftsmen, are the ideal souvenir to take with you.

Porto Manso main points of interest: S. Domingos Chapel, Ribadouro Roman Way, Lagar (press carved in the rock), Porto Manso Bridge, Mosteirô Belvedere.

Picnic Places: Ribadouro Picnic Place

Walking Path: All Paths lead to Rome

Location: Baião
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