Bridge, Chapel and Recreation Area of S. Lázaro

The bridge over the river Leça, makes part of the medieval road from Porto to Guimarães. It is a romanesque style bridge, consisting of two round arches of different dimensions and easel platform with side guards. With modern interventions, the medieval structure was probably based on a primitive roman bridge. It is classified as Property of County Value. In the early 90s, it suffered restoration works. This iconic bridge, is the testimony of the past, the people`s living memory and heritage. It is the identity symbol of the city of Alfena.
Near the bridge there is the Chapel of S. Lázaro, once the chapel of N. Senhora dos Remédios or Ponte. The original chapel of S. Lázaro was in the other side of the river Leça, where there was a leper hospital. The current chapel hosts the S. Lázaro, the Senhora dos Remedios and São Gonçalo invocations. It was restored in 1963.
These architectural heritage elements are framed by the S. Lázaro Leisure Area, where there is an old mill.

Location: Valongo
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