Cine Theater Eduardo Brazão

Vila Nova de Gaia

The Cine Theater Eduardo Brazão was inaugurated on 12th February 1928 with a spectacle by the famous Amélia Rey Colaço-Robles Monteiro’s theater company, having during decades, constituted an important pole of leisure and culture of the region.

The evolution of the times caused a slow degradation of the “Eduardo Brazão” until Gaia’s town hall, exercising the “right of preference” acquired the space in September 1992, first step for its requalification delivered to  the Architect Joaquim Massena, accompanied by the sculptor José Rodrigues and the painter José Emídio.

On 19th May 2007 the inauguration of the requalified and amplified Cine Theater Eduardo Brazão took place, having the cultural part integrated a spectacle with the presence of Carlos do Carmo.

Concert hall – The Cine Theater Eduardo Brazão compound by two floors, integrates a Concert Hall with 275 seats, distributed by an audience and balcony with 241 and 61 seats respectively.

Stage – The stage has an area of 70 square meters, of which 16 square meters are situated in front of the proscenium, where there is an orchestra pit with about 13,5 square meters, properly equipped with a hydraulic device, that allows to adjust the various levels of height and allows equally the access to different material and equipment, namely a grand piano.

Other areas – The Cine Theater Eduardo Brazão where highlights the beauty of the concert hall, is provided with four double dressing rooms, duly equipped, that support  the structure, including a control room that includes the film projection booth and technical lighting and sound design equipment, together with the projection video system.

Location: Vila Nova de Gaia
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