Restaurant Choupal dos Melros

Description / Facilities

Typical Restaurant

The Restaurant Choupal dos Melros is a well-known house, designed for all kinds of social events, such as weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays and company meetings with a capacity of up to 200 people. It is also available for family and friends gatherings every Sunday at lunch.

At 10 minutes from the center of Porto, more precisely in Fainas near the end of the Metro line, we can find the countryside in the city with all the privileges and sensations inherent as quietness, natural and pure beauty.

For all those who like traditional Portuguese food made in wood oven, the Restaurant Choupal dos Melros provides great dishes in a cozy place.

Address: Rua de Tardinhade, 425 - 4510-676 Fânzeres
Phone: 224890622

31 Jan to 18 Dec 2020

16 Jun to 18 Jul 2020

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