The company Patorra began its activity 20 years ago as a manufacturer of  Climbing walls and climbing holds. Over the years the company has been growing and at this moment we already have several departments such as Patorra Adventure that was created to carry out sports activities. Patorra Adventure has all the permits and insurances necessary for the organization of events in relation to tourism and nature tourism. We have top equipment and monitors duly qualified to carry out all our activities.

Our main activities are:

Canyoning: consists of crossing streams, walking or swimming, with jumps and decks, using techniques of rope maneuvers, such as abseiling, slide and others, in order to overcome the obstacles that arise during the course. It is a sport that allows an interaction with nature in the aquatic environment, providing an adventure full of emotion and adrenaline, with the observation and the passage in unique and extraordinary places
Caving: which is the exploration of caves and natural cavities. In Valongo the Romans left us real treasures in the exploration of gold with several rooms and tunnels not always easy. The challenge is launched, to realize with our monitors the true discovery of gold and its beauty, which are the “fojos” in Valongo. With abseiling, climbing, using techniques of opposition, narrow passages and a different landscape of what has seen until then. We left the challenge! We wait for you!

Hiking in the Serra de Valongo where you can take a walk on nature trails and enjoy the best nature has to offer. We visit the village of Couce, a village so old that it is made of quartzite from mining and shale. The village has about a dozen inhabitants and these do what they can to preserve this rough Diamond.
We are sure that you will feel a sense of well-being and a unique inner peace in accomplishing this fantastic journey!

Radical Activities that consists of the accomplishment of diverse activities in context adventure park or in natural context, this activity is destined to everyone. It is the ideal activity for those who are tired of the routine! Join a group of friends / family and come have fun practicing radical activities with qualified monitors! Choose the pack that suits you best and leave home, come and practice sports in nature, where you will privilege beautiful landscapes with the ones you like most! Challenge your limits and embark on this adventure!
We also hold Team Building, stag parties, and birthday parties!

We are sure that we are the ideal company to ensure that you will have fun and always in a safe way!

Location: Gondomar
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