City Hall

This building is the result of several improvements and annexations done to building of the old City Hall, which the major rehabilitation work, initiated in 1849, gave a certain unity. From this building was part the old Hospital of the Espirito Santo, which served as support center for the pilgrims of Saint James of Compostela, and the former chapel of Santa Maria, both dating from the 14th century. The tower and the ancient City Hall, date from the 15th century and the Church of the Miseric├│rdia of the 16th century. All parts of the history of this (these) building (s) have been restored, nowadays through a work of renovation and revival done in the recent years.

Location: Barcelos
In Barcelos Hostel & Guest House, Lda

In Barcelos Hostel & Guest House, Lda

Imagine a quiet and comfortable place within a completely renovated 100-year-old building with...
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Galliano  Restaurant

Galliano Restaurant

Taste and design all in the same place.From architecture, decoration, customer service and...
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