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Secrets of Porto is a charming experience, a visit to the most emblematic places of its historical center, declared World Heritage Place, by UNESCO, in 1996 .

It is a rich, intense and multifaceted adventure, expressed in a loaded and diverse cultural heritage, where all classes, ages and styles are represented. Throughout this discovery we will see the buildings that are centuries-old and the best known and most representative work of the architect Nasoni and understanding his connection to the city. We can buy books in the bookstore of Harry Potter, sightseeing like a local in the busiest street in town, feel the smells, the flavors and meet the most fascinating local market.

During this adventure we will visit the place where King João I married Filipa of Lancaster or the house where prince Henry was born and discover places and corners that do not come in city guides.

The city of Oporto is fascinating and as much you visit the city, you will always find something new to discover.

Location: Porto
O   Caçula

O Caçula

O Caçula is a charming restaurant, since 1969, in the beautiful Carlos Alberto Square with...
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