Climbing the hill


Reaching Armamar through the northern side of the municipality means contemplating the landscape marked by great amphitheaters of vineyards, along the Douro River, where man has shaped terraces for centuries.

To climb the hill towards Armamar is the same as walking through a part of the Douro Region classified World Heritage by UNESCO. Here Douro wines are produced, with particular emphasis on the world famous Porto wine. 

Making this journey in spring or in autumn enables you to get pleasure from a mixture of dazzling landscapes.

In March the vines begin to dawn, following the rest of vegetation in winter, and the Douro Valley
begins to gain color. From this moment, the lines made by the long green rows of vines on the terraced slopes start to be drawn. Appreciating this natural wonder from strategic viewpoints, you can not remain indifferent to the beauty of the geometry of the vineyards, with the terraces following the counter curves.

September brings the grape harvest and the red and brown colors that are characteristic of the beginning of the rest of the vines, because the cycle of production of grapes is already completed. At this time, the predominantly green landscape is substituted by a palette of different colors, but also beautiful.

Besides the valuable landscape, the "climbing the hill" circuit still allows contact with a diversity of rural traditions, visits to farms with wine tastings, always in communion with the valuable historical heritage that attest the identity of the local people.

Location: Armamar
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