Douro Wine Demarcated Region – Barrô


Speaking of port wine is not just enjoy the unique landscape of this region, but feeling the whole heritage of the hard work carried by man in the Douro, when tasting the wine.

The parish of Barrô is the gateway to the oldest demarcated region in the world. Barrô is essentially covered by vineyards, but also displays olive trees, and other fruit species representing the diversity of the landscape of the Douro.

The Demarcated Douro Region was incorporated in the reign of King José, in 1756, by his prime minister Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo (Marquis de Pombal), becoming the oldest demarcated wine region in the world.

It is a unique region, with unrivaled beauty, unmatched features, provided by the schist soil, together with its privileged sun exposure, which provide a very unique microclimate.

This region produces wine corresponding to the protected designations of origin “Port” and “Douro”. It comprehends 22 municipalities and covers an area of 250 000 hectares, of which 48 000 are occupied by vineyards.

Location: Resende
Quinta de Recião

Quinta de Recião

About 7 km from Lamego, crossing the Roman bridge, stretches along the right bank of the Varosa...
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