Festivity of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

Festivity of N. Sra. dos Remédios

The Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, known as “The Pilgrimage of Portugal” is the most important festivity of the city of Lamego. Since the last thursday of August until the 9th of September, thousands of visitors come to thank to N. Sra. dos Remédios the answer to their prayers. Others visitors come just to know this great celebration where religious and profane rituals blend in perfect harmony.

It is offered a diverse program, which includes exhibitions, concerts, parades, processions, fairs, cultural and sport events that attract many vacationers and revellers.

The city lights in the main streets and avenues as well as the stunning fireworks sessions are other attractions that promise to surprise the visitors.

During these festive days, the visitors have the possibility to admire the “Marcha Luminosa” (Light March), on the night of September 6th, and the “Batalha das Flores” (Battle of Flowers), in the afternoon of September 7th, which cover the happy and colourful main streets.

The highest point of this celebration is the majestic Procissão do Triunfo (Procession of Triumph), which takes place on September 8
and runs from the Church of Chagas to the Church of Santa Cruz. Maintaining the tradition, sacred images are drawn by yoke of oxen. At this time, the streets are richly decorated, gaining a new dynamic where the religious component acquires all its plenitude.

The Procissão do Triunfo has a special permission from the Vatican, being the only one in the world in which we can see the image of the Virgin carried by animals. The theme chosen for all the moments of the procession, it is the call of Jesus Christ: "Be holy as I am holy."

But beyond the religious devotion, the Festivities in honor of N. Sra. dos Remédios also have a strong social and entertainment component. It is usual to see the visitors in the woods of Remédios or in the city gardens sharing their meals and snoozing, while the parades and the popular bands walk through the streets from 7thto 8th September, which is the main festive night. The fireworks are the everyday indispensable element. It is called “fogo de estoira” (bursts of fire) the fireworks that lights the four corners of the city of Lamego raising up everybody`s eyes.

Location: Lamego
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