House of Paço de Dalvares

At the heart of Dalvares parish, a place dominated by the quietness, it is easily distinguished the sunny and centenary Casa do Paço, reference with historical importance to the people of the village and the county, since, for centuries, the large daily of the local residents was unfolded in the House and depended on the Palace's property.

Framed in a rural network, the House Paço de Dalvares, a large quadrangular building of perfect masonry, dark and with arched door, which dates back to the Middle Ages, it was in other times, belonging to D. Egas Moniz (the famous schoolmaster of D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal), that have passed to their descendants.

In 1994, after several decades in an advanced state of degradation, the Municipality of Tarouca, recognizing the architectural value and in virtue of the richness of its history, have acquired the property, and between 2004 and 2006, proceeded to its recovery and respective opening, with exclusive expense of the local authority.

In order to adjust this new infrastructure of social and tourism entertainment to cultural county needs, to enhance the cultural and economic values of the region, especially with regard to art, craft and gastronomic activities and to insert it into new tourist circuits, the authority has equipped the space with other capabilities that contribute to its enrichment.

Since its opening, Casa do Paço contains several potential to cover the various interests of the various audiences: it is the headquarters of the Confraternity of sparkling wine; welcomes the Sparkling Wine Museum, where all production processes and bottling of sparkling wine  are re-created; it welcomes also the Route of the Cistercian Vineyards and Viticulture Regional Commission Távora - Varosa; It has a point of sale and proof of local products, which displays the best of what the region has; It brings together several favorable spaces for meetings and work sessions.

Visit Casa do Paço, one of the symbols of Tarouca, is a good starting point to know the county and the region. It is an open space, with the smell of tradition and brands of the wealth of the past, providing a rich program to satisfy the will of those who pass and those who want to return.

Monday to Sunday
10h00 to 18h00

The Tarouca Municipality invites you to discover the Varosa Valley.

Location: Tarouca

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