International Circuit of Vila Real

Vila Real

Vila Real is a city in the country with the greatest tradition of urban racing cars. The "Circuit of Vila Real” is in the blood of the Vila-Realenses and, having been born in 1931, was considered by many car pilots in the following decades the best urban circuit in the world.

Its highest point was during the decades of 60 and 70 that included the participation of the most important worldwide car pilots such as Stirling Moss, David Pipper, John Miles, among others. Despite the break since 1991, another attempt was made in order to bring back the racing, which restarted in 2007 and lasted until 2010 with a new track. In 2014, yet another effort was made, and now, hopefully to relaunch the circuit as the largest tourist banner in Vila Real, as actually a series of interventions are being advanced, in order to its internationalisation

Here are some registers experienced by former car pilots on the international circuit of Vila Real:

"Vila Real was by far the best circuit in which I drove until today. For those who drive in Vila Real, no other circuit counts. "– John Miles, 1969.

“… It was a great pleasure to race on your admirable circuit. Seldomly, have observed such an enthusiastic crowd. The circuit has the ambiance of a real race... ". – David Pipper, 1970

Location: Vila Real
The Confectionery in Vila Real

The Confectionery in Vila Real

As a "Transmontana" city, Vila Real deals in the flavours and in the colourful of its tables,...
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